How Hofa Plugins Improve Your Sounds!!

Hofa plugins are great for those who want to get the most out of their sound and music. These plugins are currently used by many professionals, including Trackwriterz Studio and stand-alone artists in order to improve their vocals, synths and basss frequencies, but they are great for just about any user looking to get the most out of its music. To start with, these little tools are pretty inexpensive and all of them offer a free trial period which allows you to get accustomed with them. Here are the best Hofa plugins you should look after:


Such a powerful equalizer and sound mixer has never been met before. Free your creativity with this neat tool which is not only very simple to use, but also allows for a professional sound enhancement like the most renowned studios use. It offers 16 different filter types to choose from and up to 32x music oversampling for the highest quality tuning of any beat that you choose. You can easily edit any of the chosen bands right on an intuitive screen from the plugin, and you can switch any of the modes to either stereo, mid, left or right. An IQ-dynamics set is also at your disposable, and furthermore, you'll get to work with any sampling frequency that you choose. This amazing plugin can be tried for free and without restrictions until March 31, 2013, and if you feel it's the right one for you, you can easily request a subscription renewal.


If you wish to burn CDs and generate DDP images you can do that easier than ever with the help of this little program. This is actually a standalone app, but it also comes with an extra plugin and its system requirements are more than generous. Besides this, it allows you to work to create professional-quality CDs and DDP images, all with the help of a drag&drop interface which can be used by just about anyone. No technical skills are required, and you'll quickly find out just how rewarding it is to have an automatic pause detection, and move, fade and cross-fade options for the enhancement of your sound. All the regular sample rates are supported, and you can even use the program if you own a Mac. You can test the program free of charge for 14 days, time in which you can easily accommodate with all its features.

HOFA IQ-Analyser

If you want to analyze your audio and beats like professionals, this neat little plugin will greatly help you in the task. And not only it offers all the functions of more expensive standalone programs, but it's actually very easy to use too. An energy-curve will show you exactly how your sound goes and where it can be improved, and you can drag&drop various music types into the interface, including .mp3, .wav, .flac. and .ogg, and you'll also benefit from precise metering with peak&hold functions. There is also an innovative correlator present here, so joining multiple music files becomes easier than ever. All PCs and Macs are currently supported, and this extension can also be tested free of charge for full 14 days, even if you previously tested another version of it.


This plugin is ideal for those who want to compress their vocals, bass and drums in an easy yet intelligent way. It also allows for music mastering right from its interface, and various modes are also supported - including mono, dual mono and stereo. The equalization you done from this plugin is precise and interference-free, and the noise in the output file is truly non-existent. What's more, the window size of this tool is resizable according to your preference. And in case you're wondering, an innovative level and frequency reduction system is also there, so your music output will be only of the highest quality. If you need to test this plugin before purchasing you can do it for free and without restriction on a 14-day period.


Since we all like free stuff, Hofa has thought to provide some plugins for all of us to enjoy. They may not be so advanced as their shareware versions, but they're definitely simple to use and precise in functionality. What you can download without any charge is a ProjectTime manager, which allows you to measure exactly how much time you spent on a certain project, a Meter&Fader, which allows you to measure your sound level simply and intuitive, and a "Goniometer&Korrelator", which lets you measure the sound distortion level hassle-free at anytime. All these Hofa plugins can be used for free for as long as you want to.


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