What is Mixing and Why Professionals are Important

Posted On: July 22, 2012

What Is Mixing?

Music is very impactful in people's life and listening to favourite tracks back to back adds to the value and relevance of music. Mixing is a form of music production whereby audio is played by balancing sounds and vocals to create a distinct set that appeals to the listener. It is the stage that follows tracking (first stage of production), and involves proper pairing of suitable tracks that qualify for any media device such as iPods or stereos. Audio mixing is particularly detailed and requires specialist hands to make the production worth listening to.

Mixing is complemented by mastering and whatever is mixed is what actually determines the final production. It is therefore vital that a mix is perfected so that the master finish ideally gives a flawless audio set. Mixing is not just about making a good set worthy by using stipulated tracks and overdubs but its all about the professional touch that makes it laudable for radio play. Good mixes need to be appreciable so that they get the proper air play and that is why it is critical to invest in professionals like at Trackwriterz Studio.

If you get the opportunity to hear sweet bands and other blends of music, you should appreciate the effort that is put to the production. This is because sound reproduction is never easy and especially when it comes to making music for loyal fans where you have to be realistic with the sound. To be able to put together differnt instruments in a mix so that they sound natural needs a great level of perception. This can only be achieved by specialists like Trackwriterz Studio who have substantial experience and the right tools for the job.

There are several dimensions of music that need to be taken care of for a mix to worth praise and hearing and only qualified engineers can pull this off. The dimensions need to be understood specifically so that the mix is elaborate and crisp. Some of the dimensions in mixing include;

- Up and down which is dependent on the EQ for a distinct frequency spectrum forall thetracks.

- Depth is a feature that relies on proper use of effects to determine the distance of music

- Grounds, can either be fore or background by changing the volume levels

- Panning is where the music is taken from side to side, left or right.

These are very detailed steps and show just how complex a mix can be and why a Trackwriterz Studio is relevant. With updated equipment, the best digital editing software and recording prowess trackwriterz stand out as the best possible choice for all audio mix needs for artists, rappers and bands. Since you are the judge of music, once you hear poorly mixed sounds and compare with good music from trackwriterz you will surely be able to tell the difference. It is therefore necessary that you take the initiative to consult the pros even if you want to create your own mixes, you will gain much.


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