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News - Trackwriterz


January 2017 is The New Beginning of Trackwriterz Push To Create More Music, New Releases of Artists on Trackwriterz Indie Label - Hip Hop Artist Angelina, Real RnB Singer Dior, & Hip Hop Artist Iffyzen, You will Hear New Music, Many Genres, Songwriting & Production from Trackwriterz Team KPTHECEO, Angelina, Dior, & Iffyzen on Major Label Artists, Known Reality TV Stars, Indie Artists, Movies, Soundtracks, Commercials and Video Games. Also Get Your Beats Made By KPTHECEO / Trackwriiterz Beats / Hooks. There is No Limit to what you can expect to see and hear from the "Trackwriterz Team.

New Trackwriterz Team Update Portfolio Pictures Coming Soon!!

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New 11-Songs Mixtape By Artist Tha Captin was Just Released, Mastered By KPTHECEO of Trackwriterz Studio

You can download Tha Captins's Mixtape On Live Mixtapes Website:

Download Link: Tha Captin - Please Say Tha Baby


Contact Us For Songwriting, Production, Vocal Arrangement, Mixing or Mastering at 678-318-1911 or Email:

For Mixtape Mastering Click Here


If you have any questions please use the contact form below or email us at

For a faster response you may text us at 678-318-1911