Trackwriterz Team consist of 3 multi-talented CEO's (KP) King Penn, Dior and Angelina brought together by a higher power (God) Chosen to take the music industry by storm with purpose and a plan. Fearfully and wonderfully made they also consider themselves as the chosen 3. Each of them bring a significant amount of experience, dedication and success to the team. From Billboard Charting Hits, Writers for Independent films, Production, Track Writing, Engineering, Vocal Production, Musicianship, Executive Producing albums and working with Major, Independent Labels and 100's of new artist all around the world of all genres. Trackwriterz Team has not left any genre of music untouched. They have mastered the technique of making everything they touch a Hit record.

Angelina , Dior and KP all moved to Atlanta Georgia at different times in their lives and met prior to becoming business partners. They kicked off their relationship through conversation and was amazed at what they all had in common. They decided to work on their first collaboration together and it was a instant success. In the year of 2007 after working together for several years. KP, Dior and Angelina realized that they never had to step outside of themselves to bring in anyone for hire to complete their records. That sealed the deal of them becoming a official Production Team.

The talents of these amazing three consist of Musicianship, Writing, Production, Engineering and Vocal Production with beautiful harmonic melodies and chords would nearly have their beautiful pop ballads sounding like a symphony, their chemistry was unheard of, they decided to form Trackwriterz Studio. A name that was kept solely for them and it signified exactly what their team stood for. While recording their own artist, creating for Major, Independent Labels and achieving all goals they set out for themselves, their artist began receiving notoriety, being approached by many Major and Independents Record Labels around the world with offers to perform worldwide on Major tours. Their production was also sought after due to the Billboard charted hits with sounds that could not be imitated. Upon recognition of these artist, Trackwriterz Team realized that no one could appreciate their artist as they could and develop a sound that would set them aside from any other artist in the world. With dreams of one day having a their own Record Label, those dreams soon became a reality and they formed Trackwriterz Label Group.

With all the hard work, dedication, persistence and prayer Trackwriterz Team is finally ready to release their artist off their new Label "Trackwriterz Label Group". They are truly blessed and highly favored We asked the team about their success, how they made it and if there were any hardships along the way, they each quoted " It wasn't always easy, there were trials and tribulations along the way in our business and our personal lives" says Dior. KP quoted "We put God first, and we believed in our hearts anything was possible through Christ who strengthened us". Angelina also quoted "The most important thing is that we never gave up". With already a Engineering Grammy Nomination, Trackwriterz Team is on their way to becoming a Grammy Award winning triple threat, not only as a Production Team, Studio and Record Label, but with the businesses they have in the works such as Clothing Lines, Power water and a skin care line that is also sure to become a success.

Angelina, KP and Dior are proud of who they have become as Trackwriterz Production Team, Studio and Label Group. They look forward to being the light that shines upon the world and bring to you good music, music that can truly touch lives We noticed that each one of their Myspace pages says God Is Good! We asked them about that and KP Quoted "He put us together, he gave us our talent, he is our source. Dior quotes 'We look to him for everything, and Angelina smiles and says "God Is Good! and blew a kiss to him.

"God Is Good" - TrackwriterzIll

KP Angelina Dior


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