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Step 2 | Buy Beats

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Untagged MP3 file

Distribution up to 5,000 copies

1 profitable project

Instant Delivery to PayPal Email

Royalty Free

Trackwriterz Beats Maintains Ownership

Must Credit (Produced by KPTHECEO/Trackwriterz Beats)




Untagged MP3 + WAV File

Distribution up to 10,000 copies

 1 Profitable Project

 Instant Delivery To PayPal Email

 Royalty Free

 Trackwriterz Beats Maintains Ownership

 Must Credit (Produced by KPTHECEO/Trackwriterz Beats)




Untagged MP3 + WAV + Trackouts

Distribution up to 50,000 copies

1 Profitable Project

Up to 24 Hours for Trackout Delivery

Royalty Free

Trackwriterz Beats Maintains Ownership

Must Credit (Produced by KPTHECEO/Trackwriterz Beats)




Untagged MP3 + WAV + Trackouts

Unlimited Distribution

Unlimited Profitable Projects

Up to 24 Hours for Trackout Delivery

Royalty Free

Trackwriterz Beats Maintains Ownership

Must Credit (Produced by KPTHECEO/Trackwriterz Beats)


If you are looking to buy beats online then look no further than Trackwriterz Beats. At Trackwriterz Beats we understand the fact that beats play a crucial role in the success of your tracks. Due to this, we endeavor to produce top quality beats which propel any rapper, singer, musician or songwriter to greater heights.

Latest Technology

We provide high quality beats which are mixed on the latest analog hardware and software like SSL, Avalon, Pultec Eq's as well as Slate Digital, Universal Audio UAD2, Waves Award Winning plugs among others. In addition, our beats are recorded and mixed in Avid Protocals 10/11 and Studio One Daws. This reliance on the latest quality technology in the industry enables us to provide beats you cannot find anywhere else. Buying your beats from Trackwriterz Beats is undoubtedly the best decision you will ever make in your career.

All Beats Under One Roof

We are a one stop shop for all types of beats including Buy R&B Beats, Buy Pop Beats, Mixtape Beats, Dance Beats, Country Beats, Dirty South/Trap Beats, Hip Hop Beats, Alternative and Instrumental Beats. At Trackwriterz Beats, we acknowledge the different needs of various clients and we thus offer tailored beats to suit individual requirements. There is something for everyone here.

Expertly Mixed & Mastered Beats

When you buy your beats from us, you are rest assured to obtain beats that are mixed and mastered by an expert at Trackwriterz Studio. This is because all our beats are mixed and mastered by 2 times Grammy Nominated KP of Trackwriterz Studio. KP is highly rated and experienced in the art of mixing and mastering beats and everybody who has listened to our beats acknowledge it. This is yet another reason for the reliability of beats from Trackwriterz Beats.

Our Quality is Major Label Radio Ready

The quality of our beats is unprecedented. Our quality is Major Label Radio Ready with no distortion (unless It is part of the sound wanted) and has room to fit into your vocals when recording and mixing Buy Beats Online from Trackwriterz Beats.

Past Client’s Positive feedback

The positive feedback from our past clients is still another reason as to why we are unrivalled in the provision of top quality beats. All our past clients are so pleased they even sent us video testimonials of how much they love our beat production and sound quality which cannot be found anywhere else. They have realized that Trackwriterz Beats are the best in the industry today.

Top Celebrities Use Our Productions

We have done productions for many globally acclaimed celebrities for example Beyonce, Solange, 50 Cent, Ice Cube, Drake, and Remixes among others. Similarly, we have signed UNV, Trackwriterz Artists Angelina, Dior, Iffyzen, Interscope, EMI, Under Current Records, Columbia/Sony & many more. This is further evidence that our productions’ popularity has no comparisons. When you buy our beats you join these satisfied clients and it will only be a matter of time before you also become a success story.

These are just some of the top reasons as to why Trackwriterz Beats is the proven provider of quality productions. There is no need to look any further for your beats.


Will all tags be removed once I purchase the beat?

Yes. Once purchased you will receive download links with all tags removed from the beats.

Do you accept payment other than PayPal?

Yes we accept all major credit cards as well using payment application named Stripe. You will be

presented with payment options once you check out.

I can't afford exclusives, do you have payment plans?

Unfortunately we do not offer payment plans for exclusives but Paypal Credit does offer plans.

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What are track outs?

It means that every sound of the beat (drums, snares, hit hats, instruments, samples, vocals etc…

will all be separated in high quality wav audio files also known as stems. This is extremely beneficial

because now your audio engineer will have more control or the editing, mix, and master process of the

beat for the best sound possible.

Once I purchase a beat will it be removed from the site?

Only if you purchase Exclusive Rights. Any other leases will remain on the site and will still be

owned by Trackwriterz Beats.

What happens if I buy a lease and someone purchases exclusive rights? Will I still be able to use it?

Absolutely. By purchasing a lease you automatically receive a digital contract that grants you rights to continue

use of the beat as long as the contractual agreements are not violated. However you will not be

able to upgrade your license.

How do I give credit to the producer?

In all projects where any part of the Trackwriterz Beats instrumental is used, be sure to give credit in one of the following

formats: “Produced by Trackwriterz Beats or “Beat by Trackwriterz Beats” “Original Music by Trackwriterz Beats”

Can I copyright a song I recorded to your beat and how do I go about doing it?

Absolutely. Although we own the copyright to the beat itself, once you lay vocals on top of it you now own the copyright to that particular song. To copyright your song simply go to and follow instructions.


If you have any questions please use the contact form below or email us at

For a faster response you may text us at 678-318-1911